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Invasive insect counseling
Experiencing problems with annoying "houseguests"? By that we mean of course moths, cockroaches, fleas, etc. Collect a few of those pesky bugs in a glass and within a few days you will receive a written report on the type of insect, possible damage caused by them and control measures. We ask only that you provide us with 15 Euro as compensation for our efforts.
Loan Service
If you need natural objects of art for teaching or exhibition purposes, don't hesitate to call us. We might just have the right thing in stock! In order to be able to renew or replace our loan inventory from time to time, we generally charge 10, - EUR per object.
If you have observed or found something special in nature and want to know what it is, please contact us. We will endeavor to answer all your questions. Such requests will, of course, be processed free of charge. We request but only that you leave live plants and animals where you found them (in Nature!).
You can purchase literature about natural history, postcards, gift cards, etc. We also offer fairly priced fossils depending on the availability that particular day.

Guided Tours
If you would like to book a quality guided tour, please call (+49) 951 - 8631257 or 0176 59596210. We will be in touch as soon as possible. The main focus of the tour can be discussed at this time.
Tour appointments are also available outside the official opening hours.