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DER STILLE BLICK: Die traumhafte Welt des Bamberger Vogelsaals  (eng. A Silent Gaze: The Fantastic World of the Bamberg Hall of Birds)

A year's worth of hard work and research are tucked inside 102 pages of the finest quality paper, namely the photographic work of Jürgen Schabel, whose fascinating images from inside the gallery capture the cabinet of natural curiosities' unique characteristics.

Schabel has his own unique approach to the peculiarities inside this neoclassical interior and the specimens dwelling therein. Admire the way the figures form a harmony with their reflections in the antique glass display cases, the way shadows transform into mysterious creatures of their own; how feathers become works of art, and how the smallest detail can emerge as a main attraction. Anyone already familiar with the Hall of Birds will be amazed to find what has hitherto escaped his or her notice. Those who have yet to visit the museum will find their curiosity piqued.
The quality of the book is emphasized by a both a preface and a written contribution by Nora Gomringer, renowned Bamberg poet and director of the international artist house Villa Concordia. Museum director Matthias Mäuser additionally explains the history of this unique hall and the origin of the exhibits.

That from the book a little bibliophilic treasure has become yet small price. We are ever grateful to the generous support from the following people and foundations for helping make this bibliophilic treasure available at a low cost: the Upper Franconian (Oberfrankenstiftung) John A.-Haberfellner-Steinhauser Foundation, the Bamberg engineering firm Gartiser, Germann & Piewak GmbH, Bamberg's own Gertrud and Dieter Döllner. We would also like to thank the company Gebr. Schabert GmbH & Co. KG from Strullendorf for supplying hardcover copies and endpaper.